Power Point Presentation: Modelling Coronavirus Infections Progression in South Africa

The International Union for the Scientific Study hosted an International Webinar on Covid-19 Pandemic and Sexual and Reproductive Health in Africa between August 31 and Sept 3, 2020 convened by convened by Professor Clifford Odimegwu (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa). The webinar explored the potential and actual impact of Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and restrictions on sexual and reproductive health needs in sub-Saharan Africa as well as defining a research agenda for a better understanding of the demographic and sexual and reproductive health impacts of the pandemic. Emeritus Professor Udjo presented in the Methodological, Demographic and Funding session. His paper – Modelling Coronavirus Infections Progression in South Africa – (1) Assessed the plausibility of the official numbers of COVID-19 infections in South Africa; (2) Assessed the effect of the full national lock-down on progression of COVID-19 infection; (3) projected fatality from COVID-19 in South Africa.


Author: E.O. Udjo 2020