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Emeritus Professor Eric Udjo

Emeritus Professor Eric Udjo

Eric Udjo Consulting was established in July 2019. However, the principal consultant has nearly 40 years experience in research having worked in several research institutions including universities since the 1980s.

Eric Udjo Consulting undertakes demographic, population & social research to inform planning, policy and market decisions. It also undertakes training in demographic and population analysis. The work of the consultancy is entirely guided by the principles of scientific research which includes among others, transparent and detailed methodology to enable replication of its research output products by other researchers.

The consultancy contact us email facilitates dialogue between users and the consultancy to access users’ needs. The forum also provides a platform for user to express constructive views in areas where the consultancy needs improvements in the quality/expansion of its products from users’ viewpoint.

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Fertility, mortality and migration estimation

Fertility, mortality and migration are the direct determinants of population change or growth as well as the structure of the population such as age distribution.

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Population Projections

The census is the traditional source of information on population size. However, censuses are undertaken every five or ten years depending on the country.

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